Luunar Moon Phase Calendar Moon phases illustration
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Ordering & Shipping Info

How Calendars are Shipped
Your Moon Phase Calendar will be shipped in a rigid white mailing tube. If you order more than one Calendar, up to four will be shipped in each tube. For example, if you order 6 Calendars, they will arrive in 2 tubes, and there will be no additional charge for the tubes.

Additional Tubes
You may order more mailing tubes than your order will be shipped in. For example, you may want 4 Calendars and 3 additional tubes for giving Calendars as gifts. You will have the opportunity to do this during the ordering process for $1.50 per tube.

Multiple Destinations
If your order is being shipped to multiple destinations, you may need to order additional mailing tubes as explained below:

Please contact us with any questions regarding ordering & shipping.